Park Life is a series of painted panels that visualizes the diversity of animal life found in five U.S. National Parks: Death Valley, Glacier, Grand Teton, Hot Springs, and Shenandoah. Using data from the National Park Service's Species Lists, each panel forms a unique snapshot of a single park that allows the viewer to see beyond often familiar landscapes to “witness” the hidden life within.



The Parks


How to Read the Panels

The height of each panel corresponds to the total number of species found in that park—the taller the panel, the more species call that park home. 

Each color group indicates the class the species belong to (e.g., yellow represents mammals), and the height of each horizontal bar represents the number of species within each order (e.g., carnivores).*

*Taxonomic ranks: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

Park Life Card.png